Holiday Helpers, LLC

is your  Celebration Concierge.

That means we will help make your celebration – whatever it is – amazing.  We want you to truly enjoy celebrating so we take care of the parts that might otherwise be stressful for you.  Whether it’s one part of the celebration or several, we are here to make it easier for you.



extra SMALL

starting at $6        

 Example: ring box, CD


starting at $8           

Example: Cell phone, journal


starting at $10           

Example: Shirt box, shoe box


starting at $14

Example: Large clothing box, boot box, small kitchen appliance

extra LARGE

 starting at $18

Example: Medium kitchen appliances

Contact us for a quote for:
  • Odd-shaped gifts
  • Volume discount
  • On-Site and Mobile Gift Wrapping
  • Pick-up and Delivery Service

Let Us Get Started on Your Gift Project!


Do you have something in mind? An idea?

Or perhaps you’re feeling even more confused.

That’s okay. I remember this one time I personally was looking to get my child a gift and all I knew in the moment was her favorite color was red.

That lead me on a journey to get her 10 gifts for her tenth birthday. All in red. It ended up being one of her favorite memories! It’s amazing how it all starts with – who are you giving to?